The Flaming Pop-Tarts Experiment!!!

Whooo!!!!! We did it! We actually got it to work. Long live the toaster fire!

Click here to view the first trial.

WARNING! This experiment should not be conducted without proper safety measures being taken, and besides, if I can get a video of it next time, you can just watch it here. :-)

The toaster, apparently having survived the original trial, prepares to go for round 2.

News of the original experiment having got out, we had about 5 people come to see the second run.

Slowly smoke began to rise from the toaster once again...

And after waiting patiently for several minutes while the crowd grew increasingly restless, SUCCESS!!!

As you can see, the flames got quite large and impressive...

Eventually, Jess even got the nerve to take the camera and go in for a close-up shot. Look! Green!

Finally it came time to end the beautiful success we had acheived, and I extinguished the flames with the help of a big bucket of water. (Of course we unplugged it first... we may be the sort to set pop-tarts on fire for amusement, but we're not idiots. :)

After the smoke and steam had cleared, the pop-tarts inside the toaster could no longer be identified as pop-tarts. While the unfinished trial had left them basically uncooked inside, they were very, very cooked this time.

I'd have to say that the experiment was a great success. There was a video, but the camera quit for some reason right after the smoke started. Be sure to visit the Miami Herald's Dave Barry column section for more great stuff like this.

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